The Paramount Comedy Series Presents

Sandra Bernhard in “Sandyland”

Saturday, January 25th 2014


New Improved Sandy…

a compelling performer who loves to engage her audience with personal provocative and deeply emotional content. sandra is a sports fanatic detroit lions & tigers. venus and serena williams inspire her to take it to the limit. her dog george a rescue from Tennessee is a constant source of joy. travel abroad, morocco, paris, london rome inspiring. delicious food, free range, sustainable, farm to table is a passion. the word that best describes her lifestyle is Schawazee! on the move, a fastidious housekeeper, folder of laundry and organizer keeps her on point. fashion comes into play but does not rule her in any way. short car trips up the california coast clear her mind. but she keeps a new york state most of all. up late up early. humming whistling and on the move.