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Andy Grammer with Special Guests: Sir Cadian Rhythm and Oak & Ash – Presented by WALK 97.5 & K 98.3

Thursday, December 1st 2016


It is a tale now well told about a street performer on the Santa Monica Promenade who has gone on to reach tens of millions of people worldwide. It was on that California street corner, just five years ago, that New York-born Andy Grammer earned his stripes as a pop star, truly shaping the rare and unique dimensions of the artist he is today. Signed by S-Curve Records, Grammer released his 2011 self-titled debut album and became the first male pop star in a decade, since John Mayer in 2002, to reach the Top 10 at Adult Pop Radio on his first two singles. Those songs, “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me” (certified Platinum and Gold, respectively), sold more than two million downloads combined. For his second album in 2014, ‘Magazines or Novels,’ Andy Grammer solidified his role in the pop music landscape as a premiere songwriter and hitmaker. During this time, the world came to know and love Andy in many new ways; the songs, still full of ‘good guy’ spirits and hope, became more personal and the hits got even bigger. He even showed the world a hidden talent as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” As a result, the infectious monogamy anthem “Honey, I’m Good” became a triple platinum smash and one of the ten best-selling songs of the year. In 2016, we meet a new Andy Grammer. This is the Andy that can safely look back at the last five years and know that his uphill struggle is behind him and blue skies are ahead. From these new sessions, a luscious first single has emerged entitled “Fresh Eyes.” On this velvety, groove-laden, pop gem, Andy radiates confidence for days and a romantic rock star takes center stage. Lyrically, “Fresh Eyes” paints a snapshot of those special moments when you realize you’ve fallen even more in love with your significant other. “It can be the littlest things,” says Grammer, “but the world stops for a moment and you’re like ‘oh my God, I love this person so much!'”