Clutch - No Stars Above Tour, Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 at 8:00pm, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave. Huntington, NY 11743

Clutch – No Stars Above Tour

with Special Guests : Nate Bergman, Amigo the Devil

Wednesday, May 17 2023

SHOW AT 8pm  |   DOORS AT 7pm

Hard Rock


With the release of their highly anticipated 12th studio album, the gloriously titled “Book of Bad Decisions”, it would be easy to suggest that legendary Maryland rockers Clutch have made their finest record to date. This may even be true. You see, the thing about Clutch is that ever since their 1993 debut Transnational Speedway League they've been in the business of writing stone cold classics, and even the most rabid fan would have trouble picking just one. “Book of Bad Decisions” won't make that task any easier. Rest assured, it's another classic. Recorded over three weeks at Sputnik Studios in Nashville, “Book of Bad Decisions” was produced by four-time Grammy winner Vance Powell (Seasick Steve, The White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, etc.), a man who apparently knows that a one degree angle change in microphones makes a difference to how an instrument sounds. Interestingly, his name first came to the band's attention via country....


with Special Guests :

Nate Bergman

It’s never gonna work. Has there ever been a sentence responsible for more great rock and roll? Like Tina Turner without Ike, Genesis without Peter Gabriel, or Dylan with an electric guitar, people said Metaphysical Change — Nate Bergman’s blues steeped, country-inflected solo debut — was never gonna work. ​Not only because Bergman is a curly haired Jewish kid who sounds like Sam Cooke after 400 cigarettes. Not only because all his great country-music-stories were written in the heart of metropolitan DC. No. Metaphysical Change was never gonna work because Nate Bergman got stuck overseas when the lockdowns hit. ​Thousands of miles away from his collaborators, studio and family, Bergman began recording demos all on his own, playing every instrument and stacking harmonies of his own voice. Nate felt Europe leaving its mark on songs like “Ode to Manchester” and “Goodbye Munich” just as isolation and loneliness began to leave….


with Special Guests :

Amigo the Devil

Danny Kiranos, the Austin-based songwriter behind the Amigo the Devil project, has somehow managed to meld the worlds (and fanbases) of traditional folk, country music, rock, and metal into one. The sonic experience is morbid, yet poetic and oddly romantic. His unique artistic perspective and ability to connect with audiences has allowed him to amass a dedicated, cult-like fan-base. Loaded with sing-alongs – and an unsuspecting dose of humor to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of every genre – the songs still remain deeply rooted in the tradition of story-telling…something that seems to be a lot less common nowadays. Attending an Amigo the Devil show is an experience: you become one with a wildly prophetic man, armed only with his entrancing voice and a banjo, and bear witness to an astounding performance that will stick with you for a long time. A key figure in the U.S. ‘murder….