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Colbie Caillat: Gypsy Heart Tour with Special Guests Alex & Sierra and a Special Appearance by Andy Grammer

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014


Colbie Caillat welcomes change.

Being a Gemini might have something to do with it,

or it could just be her innate predilection for progression. Either way, the Grammy Award-winning,

multiplatinum songstress’s fourth album, Gypsy Heart, and EP Gypsy Heart Side A, see her

artistically evolve yet again.

“I like change,” she affirms. “I have a hard time picking one thing I love. Gypsy Heart sums up

everything I am. I love listening to Bob Marley at the beach, while drinking a kale smoothie in my

twenty-dollar Target bathing suit with zero makeup. At the same time, I love having my amazing

style and hair and makeup team get me ready for shows. Other times, I’ll be dancing to dubstep

in my dressing room, while drinking Jameson and eating donuts for breakfast. I’m all of those

things. Musically, Gypsy Heart has the singer-songwriter style fans have loved all these years,

but it’s more up-tempo with beats and heavy production on some songs. Combining those two

sides was my goal.”

She certainly succeeds as well. After 2012’s Christmas in the Sand, she spent the next year

tirelessly writing with an acoustic guitar at a cozy house overlooking the beach in Malibu.

“I recorded an entire record inspired by Paul Simon’s Graceland and Simon &

Garfunkel’s ‘Cecelia’,” she recalls. “After turning it in to my label, they suggested I keep writing

and aim for a completely different sound.”

Reluctantly, she agreed to continue writing, and it proved to be the right decision. Teaming up

with her “Brighter Than The Sun” collaborator OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder [Adele, Beyoncé].

The two cut the shimmering dance floor anthem “Hold On,” which hinted at what lay on the

horizon for Caillat.

“I went down a different path,” she admits. “It was exciting to try something new. The writing

sessions that I reluctantly agreed to do, yielded a new creativity—especially once I got in the

studio with ‘Babyface’. Songwriting can be an emotional rollercoaster, and that makes it fun for

me. It’s personal therapy.”

For Gypsy Heart’s campaign song “Try”, she joined forces with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

Gently plucking an acoustic guitar along to a lush piano melody, the singer makes a powerful

statement about female body image. For the lyric video, she enlists both fans and celebrities to

appear without makeup, freeing themselves and bravely embracing natural beauty.

“While we were writing, Kenny told me, ‘Stay true to yourself. Don’t let them change you’,”

she goes on. “Tony Dixon and Jason Reeves were in the session as well, and they both

reiterated, ‘You don’t have to try’. So, I started singing the chorus with the words, ‘You don’t

have to try’. It was such a liberating way to start the session and we kept rolling with that

message. It explains literally every step a woman takes to get herself ready to go out in public

and how exhausting it is. There’s so much we have to do in order to make ourselves ‘beautiful’

so we feel accepted in the public eye. This is an anthem for women to accept who they are and

be comfortable showing it and not hiding it from one another.”

Elsewhere on Gypsy Heart, Caillat cuts loose yet again. “Blaze” could very well be the life of the

party over an endless summer with its kinetic energy and breezy hook. Written with longtime

friend Reeves and David Hodges [Christina Perri, Avril Lavigne], it’s as vibrant as it is vivacious.

“When my friends and I get together, we have a blast,” she smiles. “We don’t do anything crazy,

but we do know how to have fun! Sometimes, we end up dancing on tables. It’s a song about

what we do!”

At the same time, “If You Love Me Let Me Go” examines a breakup with poetic lyrics and her

striking vocal delivery. “It’s that story everyone’s gone through,” she says. “You break up with

someone, yet you’re dating them again. It’s a confusing thing. It’s so much worse to do that to

yourself though. If you love me, let me go. Stop torturing me and keeping me around just a little

bit longer, if we’re not going to last forever.”

During “Live It Up”, Caillat confronts stage fright and her struggles to overcome it even after

eight years of professionally performing. The chorus is her personal reminder before every

show. Meanwhile, “Never Gonna Let You Down” remains the song everyone loved the most

from the first sessions in Malibu. However, “Babyface” put his own stamp on it. “Along with ‘Try’,

I think it’s one of the songs my fans will relate to the most,” she continues. “I love the crisp folk

lean to the song. I can honestly say Kenny is my favorite all-time producer. He’s unpredictable

and thorough, and he can also brilliantly produce any genre you ask him to.”

Caillat’s music lasts forever. To date, she has been honored with Two Grammy Awards and

sold over six million albums and ten million singles worldwide. Her breakthrough hit “Bubbly”

remains “one of the best-selling digital tracks in history” and her multi-platinum debut COCO hit

#5 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart upon release, while her sophomore set Breakthrough

landed at #1. From 2011’s All of You, “Brighter Than The Sun” went platinum and enjoyed over

twenty film and television placements, while seeing acclaim from People and NY Post. She’s

also played sold out venues everywhere alongside everybody from John Mayer to Sheryl Crow.

Beyond music, she’s an avowed spokesperson and supporter for the The Humane Society of

the United States, the ASPCA, Farm Sanctuary, Surfrider Foundation, and Save The Music.

Still, at the end of the day, Colbie always challenges herself as a writer, regardless of which

direction she travels. “I just want to write songs that stay with people,” she concludes. “If

fans can listen to my music on repeat, that’s amazing. And play my songs during memorable

moments in their life, I know I want that more than anything.”