Crown The Empire – Rage Fest with Attila with Special Guests: Veil of Maya, Gideon, Hawk & Life Right Now, Wed., 8/7/19 at 6:00PM, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave. Huntington, NY 11743

Crown The Empire – Rage Fest with Attila

with Special Guests : Attila, Gideon, Hawk, Veil of Maya, LIFE RIGHT NOW

Wednesday, Aug 07 2019


Hard Rock | Metal


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with Special Guests :


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Attila is an American metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2005. They have released eight full length albums.

Though their original formation was in 2005, the band did not start touring full-time until around 2010. Their most successful album, About That Life, was produced by Joey Sturgis, released on June 25, 2013, and debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 22. Attila has toured across the United States with bands such as Hed PE, Arsonists Get All the Girls, See You Next Tuesday, Insane Clown Posse, Emmure, Chelsea Grin, The Agonist, Oceano, Falling in Reverse, and Metro Station.


with Special Guests :


Daniel McWhorter – Vocals
Tyler Riley – Guitar
Jake Smelley – Drums
Caleb Derusha – Bass


with Special Guests :


“I don’t know how to keep stuff short.

This or the Apocalypse made some moves about 4 or 5 years ago to make a new album under a new name. We put our all into the record- self produced big chunks of it, worked with different producers, then spent enough to put years of debt ahead of us. The album wasn’t released and there are no hurt feelings; we gained more than we lost.

TOTA became Hawk years ago and kept it off the internet. I guess we finally started to agree with some of the A&R reps in the inbox- there was a phone call with a few of us in the team regarding a contract offer contingent on a name change and it lasted a couple of minutes. I just said “How about we call it Hawk”, a couple of us said “Yeah that’s cool”. It wasn’t a hard decision to make. We were preparing to lose to one of the last remaining “founding” members of the band and filling his slot felt like the last step out of what we were doing, emo


with Special Guests :

Veil of Maya

Underneath a maelstrom of polyrhythmic guitars, sweeping vocals, and shuddering beats, Veil of Maya encode a ponderous narrative at the core of their sixth full-length album, False Idol [Sumerian Records]. This time around, a captivating concept drives the quartet—Marc Okubo [guitar], Sam Applebaum [drums], Danny Hauser [bass], and Lukas Magyar [vocals].

“The whole album is told from a first-person perspective,” Lukas explains. “You’re following this character who’s not the nicest man. He rises to power though. You’ll have to listen in order to find out how it ends. The storyline is very dark.”
“It felt more like we were making a movie or a TV series,” adds Marc. “Lukas actually had a storyboard idea that we talked about before even starting. It’s almost like we were providing the soundtrack in Veil of Maya’s template.”
The seeds for this widescreen ambition can be traced back to 2015’s Matriarch. The alb


with Special Guests :


Buckle up, because LIFE RIGHT NOW’s highly anticipated new album, “Avant-Garde” hits the gas quickly and doesn’t let up. Pulsating, groovy riffs with sudden breakdowns and irresistible hooks define the group’s first offering.

In mid-2018, Zachary Scott (harsh vocals), Justin DiMarco (bass/clean vocals), and Kyle Dameron (guitar) entered the studio to start demoing out ideas for their debut release. During this time, the trio expanded when they met drummer Bryan McClure of the powerhouse metal act ATILLA. “I didn’t know what to expect when Zach approached me,” says McClure. “I’m open to all music, I love a little bit of everything, but when I heard what they were creating, I was down.” With their lineup solidified, the quartet handed off their self-produced tracks to Kyle Dameron (Rareform Studios) for mixing and mastering.

Standout tracks from the album include the crowd-pleasing opener “Two Wrongs D