EVEN THE LOSERS – A Tribute to Tom Petty, with Special Guest: The Dives

Thursday, February 8th 2018
Show at 8 PM | Doors at 7 PM
Founder's Room Afterparty
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The Dives

With the four members of The Dives hailing from both sides of the country and the middle, it might seem unlikely that these musicians would ever even meet, let alone form a band – until you hear them play. After one listen, it’s nearly impossible to imagine them playing with anyone else. Featuring tight harmonies and infectious hooks, The Dives’ music sounds fresh and familiar at the same time. When explaining how the band was formed, they all vehemently agree that they got together with the common goal of making the kind of music they wish they heard more. Based in NYC and a brand new band by any standards, The Dives wasted no time writing original material, rehearsing and leaping onto the club circuit. When asked to describe their sound, Evan Stanley, lead guitarist and vocalist, immediately answered, “Rock & Roll”. Sergio Ortega, bass and vocals, explains, “It’s a rock band playing pop music. Big hooks, but rattier than Top 40.” The Dives musical influences are similar enough to create a cohesive sound with memorable hooks, yet diverse enough to infuse their music with the excitement of very modern flavors. The band is comprised of guitarist and lead singer Evan Stanley, guitarist and lead singer Mike Lefton, bassist and singer Sergio Ortega and drummer and singer Jimmy Meier. Developing a passionate interest in music as children, all four have been mastering their instruments from an early age. When Stanley moved to NYC to attend college at NYU / Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he was determined to start a band. After a little trial and error, he was introduced to New Jersey native, Mike Lefton. A brotherhood was formed instantly as the two found musical commonalities beginning with their influences and energetic work ethic. And the beginnings of a band was formed. Mike reached out to fellow New Jersey native, Jimmy Meier to give the band a beat. With a gig booked, they scrambled to find a bass player. A friend recommended an unlikely fit, Sergio Ortega. Unlikely because Ortega is also an incredibly talented musician better known for guitar, banjo and mandolin and has toured the world as guitarist and musical director for Broadway phenomenon, Ramin Karimloo. The group asked Sergio to sit in for that show and never let him leave. It’s the kind of band fans dream about – The Dives don’t just spend time together for rehearsals and performances, they are brothers brought together by a common goal, shared passions and a twisted sense of humor. Unfortunately, musical assumptions arise when people make the connection between Evan and KISS frontman, Paul Stanley. Yes, Evan is the son of the rock legend but he makes it clear that The Dives are forging their own musical path, “You won’t hear anything that sounds like KISS at The Dives’ show.” 2017 is already a very exciting year for The Dives. With the release of their debut EP, Everybody’s Talkin’, a UK tour that afforded them the opportunity to play to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands, and a summer tour that took them to 12 major cities across the US and their first televised appearance on Fox’s Good Day New York, the band is writing, preparing to record again and continuing their relentless performance schedule. Be sure to follow them on all social platforms for daily updates and be sure to catch a show near you!



Few artists have touched as many people’s lives as Tom Petty. His song’s legacies span multiple generations as precious pieces of Americana. They are indispensable to rock and roll history.

“Even The Losers” was formed as a response to the legendary singer’s untimely passing. Being that the band is comprised of professional touring musicians, we felt the only way to pay homage to the late great musician was to form a project dedicated to faithfully reproducing the studio versions of the classic songs we all know and love, as best we can.

The band members themselves weren’t even born when Tom’s career was at its highest peak, and that is a testament to the timeless nature his song’s have taken on throughout the years. These songs could be considered musical rites of passage that were passed down to us from our parents, and we plan to honor them in memory of his passing. 

Tribute shows can sometimes take on an air of kitsch or campiness that ultimately undermines the nature of what they’re intended to do; pay tribute. “Even The Losers” will not be featuring any costumes, props, or production value beyond what’s necessary to bring these hit songs to life on a stage.