Flogging Molly with Special Guest: Lucero, 2/26/19 @ 8PM, The Paramount, Huntington, NY 11743

Flogging Molly

With Special Guest : Lucero, The Huntress and Holder of Hands, Matt Heckler

Tuesday, Feb 26 2019


Punk Rock


"The social and political awareness that drives Flogging Molly’s music is never more prominent than in their upcoming new release LIFE IS GOOD - a strikingly powerful album and it arrives at a strikingly key time. The sixth studio album by the renowned Celtic-punk rockers now in their 20th year is mature, well crafted, equally polished and almost aggressively topical. It is filled with rousing songs that are timeless in their sentiment, but directly related to today’s most pressing concerns: Politics, the economy, unemployment, planned boomtowns gone bust, immigration policies gone awry, and much more. For singer and lyricist Dave King, it may be the lyrical couplet contained within the surging “Reptiles (We Woke Up”) that points toward the album’s central theme. “We woke up,” sings King, “And we won’t fall back asleep.” “The thing is, there are things changing,” says King. “That’s why I wrote that line, ‘Like reptiles,....


With Special Guest :



With Special Guest :

The Huntress and Holder of Hands

When, a week before her 28th birthday, MorganEve Swain lost her husband and musical partner, Dave Lamb, to leukemia, the world did not stand still. April continued into May, breath continued its rhythm through the bodies of the living and in their studio in Warren, Rhode Island, MorganEve continued to record bass, strings and vocals into a laptop because it’s what she’d always done.

For the previous six years, she and Lamb had existed professionally as the duo Brown Bird, gaining a loyal international following through intensive touring and the original music they created, praised for its honesty and expression of the human condition. Without Dave, and in honor of him, MorganEve became The Huntress and Holder of Hands: a young widow pursuing the white stag of grief through a foreign wilderness, intent on maintaining the sense of wonder and compassion with which her partner lived his life.

In 2016, with


With Special Guest :

Matt Heckler

Having played guitar since age eleven, I began writing my own songs for the first time in freshman year of high school, and playing open mics. I played on and off with various punk bands through high school, but those bands came and went. Now performing solo, as well as playing guitar in indie rock band Dangerpaw. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and have been doing it professionally since the middle of 2012, having covered topics as wide ranging as baseball, sci-fi, teen culture, and literature.