Fun & Slutty with Jonathan Van Ness, Thursday, February 1st, 2024 at 8pm, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave. Huntington, NY 11743

Fun & Slutty with Jonathan Van Ness

Thursday, Feb 01 2024

SHOW AT 8pm  |   DOORS AT 7pm



A hairstylist by trade turned personality, writer, comedian, and entertainer by life. Jonathan is seeking to celebrate authenticity and uniqueness within the beauty and entertainment industry as an HIV+ nonbinary truth teller, Jonathan is determined to make this world a better, more equitable yet funnier place. As a true multi-hyphenate, Jonathan Van Ness is doing the most with his time by performing his sold-out stand up comedy on tour, being an award-winning television personality, starting a sustainable haircare brand, being a New York Times best-selling author, practicing his gymnastics & figure skating skills, and having a podcast. There’s also the garden, chickens, cats, and dogs that he takes care of with his husband Mark, whom he married in 2020. Don’t let Jonathan near an adoption center, because he will leave with another cat (or two).   Always a story-teller, Jonathan first stepped in front of the camera in 2013, while....