Get The Led Out - 6/28/19 & 6/29/19 @ 8PM, The Paramount, Huntington, NY 11743
The Paramount Tribute Series Presents

The Paramount Tribute Series Presents

Get The Led Out – Presented by 103.1 MAX FM & SHARK 94.3 FM

Saturday, Jun 29 2019


Hard Rock | Tribute


Get The Led Out is a group of professional musicians who are passionate about their love of the music of Led Zeppelin. It's been their mission to bring the studio recordings of "the mighty Zep" to life on the big concert stage. This is not an impersonator act but rather a group of musicians who were fans first, striving to do justice to one of the greatest bands in rock history! For lead vocalist Paul Sinclair, singing is quite simply in his blood. Adopted at five days old, and without any knowledge of his ancestry, Sinclair naturally gravitated towards music and the arts growing up. It wasn't until investigating his lineage in his twenties that he discovered he had come from a line of opera singers in Madrid, Spain. Sinclair's biological grandparents, baritone José García Fernández Olaria and soprano Ana Romero Campos had seven children. Three of which came to....