GWAR with Special Guests – Butcher Babies, Battlecross & Moon Tooth

Thursday, September 17th 2015


Blóthar: Lead Singer, Bass Guitar

Beefcake the Mighty: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Pustulus Maximus: Lead Guitar, Vocals

BalSac the Jaws of Death: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

JiZMak da Gusha: Drums

Bonesnapper: Bodyguard, Crappy Vocals

Sawborg Destructo: Annoying Nemesis, Annoying Vocals

30 years have passed since GWAR was awoken from the prison of their Antarctic slumber in 1985. In those 3 decades, they have shaped the music and culture of mankind using broadswords and guitars, carving the human race to more closely resemble their demented visage and psyche. The Scumdogs will celebrate their 30th anniversary (or as the Romans would call it, their XXX anniversary) by releasing a box set showcasing the musical and artistic genius of this misfit group of extraterrestrial mutants that world has come to love almost as much as they fear.

GWAR is immortal and shows no signs of slowing it’s merciless onslaught of the planet Earth. They have reunited with an unstoppable force from their past in the form of the new singer, Blothar, a major contributor to such early GWAR masterpieces as “Hell-O”, “Scumdogs of the Universe”, “This Toilet Earth” and “We Kill Everything”. The GWAR-B-Q, the annual festival held in Richmond VA is going into it’s sixth year and is promising to be the biggest, most extreme to date, and the siren’s call of the GWARbar is luring bohabs from around the world with hopes of being recruited to the ranks of GWAR slaves, but more likely to be ground into Meat Sandwiches in the meat grinder.

It was bloody amazing! So liberating! It was life changing! You need to go!
If you like metal and have a sick sense of humor go see them. What a festival of blood, theatrics and crisply played thrash metal.
Gwar will be around forever. We will honor Brockie until the planet is destroyed. If you have never been to a Gwar show, put it on your bucket list. Its certainly a good time! Wear white. Lol
The loss of Dave Brockie was a major blow to GWAR, but they still put on a great show.
Great show!!! The stage show was great, the music way better live then recorded. Would go again in a heartbeat. \m/
Mozart, the Beatles, Springsteen, the atom bomb...all tremble before the might of Gwar! Also, wear something you're not attached to, because the fake blood and bile are going to cover you by the end.