Hot Mulligan "Why Would I Watch Tour" with Special Guests: Heart Attack Man & Spanish Love Songs & Ben Quad, November 16, 2023 at 8pm, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave. Huntington, NY 11743

Hot Mulligan “Why Would I Watch Tour”

with Special Guests : Heart Attack Man, Spanish Love Songs, Ben Quad

Thursday, Nov 16 2023

SHOW AT 7pm  |   DOORS AT 6pm

Pop Punk

with Special Guests :

Heart Attack Man

with Special Guests :

Spanish Love Songs

“When you’re young, you just want to be heard,” opines Dylan Slocum. The singer and guitarist of LA-based punk quintet SPANISH LOVE SONGS is referencing his band, but he could just as easily be talking about himself. Since forming in 2014, Spanish Love Songs certainly have been heard, from legions of underground audiences at The Fest and South By Southwest to outlets like NPR, who hailed the group’s 2018 album, Schmaltz, as a “wellspring of big ideas, bigger riffs and the biggest possible feelings about love, war, fear and existential crisis.” Schmaltz was an album colored by guilt and self-doubt, an insular collection of soul-searching songs that found the singer amplifying his grief while kicking back at a world that seemed to be doing its best to keep knocking him down. It was a cathartic album, one that admittedly took a lot of Slocum’s soul to create. (“I don’t want….


with Special Guests :

Ben Quad