Johnny Irish Live in the Founder’s Room

Thursday, May 24th 2012


Johnny Irish aka John Borland plays acoustically just him and his guitar at local bars on Long Island
and in Manhattan. He was the lead singer for the hard edged alternative rock band Sons Of Elvis
just a couple of years ago who released a cd with Priority Records in L.A. as well as a video for the
single Formaldehyde which was aired moderately on MTV and played on alternative stations across
the country. That same song was used in the movie Higher Learning.

He now performs covers exceptionally throughout the island. He’s also a school teacher who just
moved from Manhattan to Long Island in October.

Perfectly complimenting the beaming mood of the music on “Formaldehyde,” the vocals of John
Borland are equally fantastic in every aspect.

With a voice that has a tone and pitch unlike any other singer in history; one can easily hear the pure excitement that bursts from him at every turn of the song.