Tuesday, May 9th 2017


For Immediate Release: Saturday, Apr. 29th @ 12 PM

KORN @ The Paramount – May 9th
Postponed Until Further Notice

(Huntington, Long Island, New York) In a recent development, KORN has announced that their upcoming concert at The Paramount on May 9th is being postponed until further notice.  A statement from the band reads: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be rescheduling a majority of our May tour dates. Stay tuned for more information regarding rescheduling the dates.”  Refunds on all tickets purchased for the May 9th show are available at your point of purchase OR you may hold onto your tickets until a new date is finalized.  For additional questions or concerns, please contact The Paramount at 631-673-7300.


Jonathan Davis [Vocals], James “Munky” Shaffer [Guitar], Brian “Head” Welch [Guitar], Reggie “Fieldy” Arvizu [Bass] & Ray Luzier [Drums]

Certain bonds last forever. No matter what happens, they can’t be bent, bruised, or broken. There’s something indescribable that fastens them together, and the links only tighten with time. The members of KORN built that kind of bond back in 1993 the first time that Jonathan Davis, James “Munky” Shaffer, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, and Brian “Head” Welch decided to make music as a unit. They shed blood, sweat, and tears in the studio and on stage, fashioning an undeniable, unsettling, and unique sound that would permanently alter the course of rock music.

After six seminal albums, two Grammy Award wins, and countless sold out shows, Head left the group in 2004 to face down the demons of addiction on his own. KORN soldiered on, permanently adding drummer Ray Luzier to the fold in 2007 and releasing four more epic full-length releases, most recently 2011’s groundbreaking dubstep-metal hybrid The Path of Totality. Nevertheless, they kept the door open for the return of their brother.

In 2012, a triumphant and tear-filled reunion happened on stage as the group headlined the Carolina Rebellion festival with Head reprising his legendary part on “Blind.” The initial bond came back into focus, but it was time to change the game again. It was time for a Paradigm Shift… That brings us toKORN’s eleventh studio album,THE PARADIGM SHIFT. WithHeadback in the fold, the group retreated to where it all began— Bakersfield. Writing new music in a hometown rehearsal spot, everything immediately felt as if it was meant to be.

“We’re all at the right place in our lives,” admits Head. “That’s the main reason I came back. There’s nothing negative out here anymore. Things had really changed. Everybody has his head on straight. The opportunity to rejoin the band presented itself and I thought, ‘I’ve know these guys for my whole life. Love is unconditional. The time to reconcile is right now.’ Every sign was there for me. When I left, I rebuilt myself. The guys did as well. It’s better than ever.”

Jonathan agrees, “When he came back, it was really like he never left. We always wanted him to come back when he was ready and everything was right. Carolina Rebellion opened all of our eyes. I’m so happy. We were all ready to take the next step together and make our best record.”