The Paramount Party Series Presents:

O El Amor with Special Guest: Dude Ranch & The Girl at the Rock Show

Saturday, June 24th 2017


As legend has it, after many years of short lived relationships and meaningless one night stands, the broken hearts of O El Amor swore to disguise their faces in shame and never to remove their masks. Living vicariously through the lovers of the world who come to see them, O El Amor travels town to town in search of inner peace…and free drinks. And while no one knows the true identities of O El Amor, it has been said that if you can get close enough to the stage, sometimes…just sometimes…you might see a tear or two…beneath their masks…  Have you ever walked into a bar or club and found a band working the stage wearing outlandish masks, wearing ill-fitting clothing and performing high-intensity versions of one-hit wonders while jumping into bursts of synchronized dancing, engaging in R-rated banter with the audience and occasionally pouring beer on their own heads? Probably not, but if you did, that was almost assuredly O El Amor. And who is O El Amor? They won’t say. In fact, the group does its best to be utterly mysterious. However, regardless of this enigmatic attitude, ‘Amor has been building a sturdy fan base — a movement that is observable as it has become commonplace to find O El Amor devotees wearing masks to its shows in tribute. – Ian Stark, Newsday, January 31, 2014