The Paramount Comedy Series Presents: Jim Jefferies (2 SHOWS!)

Friday, May 20th 2016


Second show added due to overwhelming demand!

Have seen Jim Jefferies live twice now and thoroughly enjoyed both shows. It's interesting, and worth the pain in the face from smiling and laughing so much, to see his comedy morph and grow. A truly major talent whose intelligence, and ability to mask it in the name of a joke, is well worth a person's time.
Lillian13 from Ticketmaster
Phenomenally funny. Even though you know what to expect from Jim he still surprises and doesn't disappoint. Handled the hecklers beautifully and kept us laughing start to finish. Kudos to his opener as well. Truly funny in his own right.
Jnbic from Ticketmaster
Went to the late show of Jim Jeffries, and he did not disappoint. I've been watching his stand up for years, and have been dying to see him live. We even drove over an hour each way to see him. He did have an opener, who was hilariously funny, but only on stage for what seemed to be a few minutes. From the moment Jim Jeffries walked on stage, I was laughing. His jokes are hysterical, but the delivery is spot on. I can't wait for his next tour!
michb18 from Ticketmaster