The Paramount Tribute Series Presents:

RUSH THRU TIME – Featuring Mystic Rhythms

Saturday, February 24th 2018
Show at 8 PM | Doors at 7 PM
Founder's Room Afterparty
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General Admission


For over 40 years, the Canadian trio RUSH gathered millions of fans worldwide.  Their intricate but catchy music, introspective lyrics, and stunning musicianship collected some of the most die-hard followers.  Their concerts were always among the most visually stunning, and they took pride in replicating their studio tracks live to near-album standards.  Then last year they retired.  In their honor, MYSTIC RHYTHMS, considered by many to be the world’s premier Rush tribute, has put together an unforgettable show to celebrate their vast legacy, RUSH THRU TIME.  From the raw and powerful anthems of the 70s, to the “golden era” hits of the 80s, to the lush and highly crafted works of the 90, and even the most popular recent material – this show has it all!   But more than just a concert, RUSH THRU TIME is an experience.  With cutting-edge stage visuals, authentic instruments and costumes, and performed as a trio, this show captures the excitement of RUSH on every level.  From the radio hits to the cult classics, RUSH THRU TIME has something for everyone.  For those who missed out on ever seeing a Rush concert, this is your chance!  For die-hard fans of the band, its a dream-come-true.