Steven Wilson “To The Bone Tour 2018”

Tuesday, Dec 04 2018

SHOW AT 8 PM  |   DOORS AT 6:30 PM

Alt. Rock | Hard Rock | Rock 'n Roll


“Once we’ve made sense of our world, we want to go and fuck up everybody else’s, because his or her truth doesn’t match mine…” To The Bone, opening dialogue Twenty something years ago – around the time that the first records bearing Steven Wilson’s name began attracting critical interest – the big message in rock’n’roll was that modern life was rubbish. Soundtracking a politically grey country stuck in a technological rut, popular music seemed to echo the underlying thought of the time. Something’s got to change. Fast-forward to the second decade of the 21st century. Politics are in a state of self-inflicted turmoil; the connective technology that was meant to free us has become weaponized. It’s like everybody’s got the start of the millennium psychosis blues and modern life is out of control. With that in mind, how should music in 2017 react to the flux and uncertainty of the....