“Summer Southern Jam” with Tributes to The Allman Bros. & Lynyrd Skynyrd – Featuring The Allmost Brothers Band and Freebird

Thursday, July 28th 2016


The Allmost Brothers Band is a progressive tribute act honoring the tradition of the legendary Allman Brothers Band. Working within the framework of the incredible and vast song book of the ABB, The Allmost Brothers inject something new, fresh and exciting into the material. In a matter of words: high level musicianship, authentic improvisational interplay, and dedication to the high octane performance, that established the original ABB back in 1969.
Comprised of the New York’s finest musicians, nothing less would do justice to the enduring high level of play that the ABB have brought over their 45 year career. With the experience of professional world touring players the road truly does go on forever, and has lead each member of The Allmost Brothers Band together to bring the ultimate Allman Brothers experience.
Duane Allman had a clear vision all those years ago, to spread the gospel of American Blues, R&B, & Jazz music to the people. By having the musicianship and song power to do so, the original ABB created a new sound that would fill concert halls, car radios, and smoky bars for decades to come. The Allmost Brothers share is this same vision, and bring their musicianship to paying tribute to one, if not the greatest live bands in musical history. From the Fillmore to the Beacon, The Allmost Brothers stretch from the original Duane Allman & Dickey Betts lineup to the recent Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks lineup and everything in between.
At the heart of things The Allmost Brothers Band are more than a tribute act, they are an experience. Without further ado, “Okay, The Allmost Brothers Band”….

Formed in September of 2002 by brother’s Tom and Timmy, FreeBird’s guitarists, FreeBird set out to recreate the sound of the original and live recordings of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  “From the beginning, we felt the need to deliver the highest quality of music” says, Tom, “as opposed to trying to look like the original band.”  After auditioning and adding some of Long Island’s top talented players, FreeBird was off and running.  Playing many of Long Island’s smaller clubs in the beginning, they eventually began to develop a steady following.  As word began to spread about the band, the larger venues began to take notice, and their following became even greater still that they band began selling out many of the venues they were playing, and continue to do so today.  

The band consists of six members including, guitarists Tom and Timmy, who trade off the riffs of Allen Collins, Gary Rossington, Ed King and, Stevie Gaines, Keyboardist Jim, who captures the honky tonk stylings of Billy Powell like no other, Bassist Jimbo and Drummer Jack, who hold the rhythm section as tight as Leon Wilkeson and Artimus Pyle, and finally the band’s main man on stage, Al, who emulates the soulful, sometimes gritty stylings of Ronnie Van Zant.

“The main goal when performing live,” says Timmy, “is to get the fans of Skynyrd that come out to see us to get up, jump around, hoot an’ holler and have a great time.”  “We put every ounce of energy into our performances,” says Jimbo, “If I’m not tired and sweaty after a show, then I didn’t do my job.”

Seriously though, there’s a real need out there for tribute bands that sound authentic and play the songs like they’re supposed to be done.  Skynyrd was a truly great live band, just listen to the “One More From the Road” album.  They were one rockin’ good-time band with a slew of great songs.  FreeBird is continuing to play that music live. 

The band respects Lynyrd Skynyrd, it’s history, and the great Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, Stevie Gaines, Ed King, Gary Rossington, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson, Artimus Pyle, and the others who played in the band at one time or another.  That’s why FreeBird is playing their music and keeping the flame alive.  “What Song Is It You Wanna Hear?!!”