The Weight – Featuring former members of The Band, Levon Helm Band & Rick Danko Group

Saturday, May 7th 2016


Jim Weider (VOCALS / GUITAR)  

Thirty years ago, Jim replaced Robbie Robertson as lead guitarist, singer and songwriter for The Band.  Featured on Jericho, Jubilation, and High On The Hog albums, Jim toured with the group right up until the end and appeared in numerous BAND performance videos and documentary segments.

Randy Ciarlante  (VOCALS / DRUMS)

Personally recruited by Levon Helm, Randy shared The Band’s vocal and drumming duties alongside Levon.  He toured with the group for more than ten years, was featured on Jericho, Jubilation, and High On The Hog albums and also appeared in many of The Band’s live performance videos and archival footage.   


As a member of The Levon Helm Band, Brian played piano, organ and accordion as well as contributing to vocals.  He now fills those same roles within THE WEIGHT.  Highly regarded within the music industry as the consummate musician, Brian has performed with Bob Dylan, Al Green, BB King and countless others.


A talented multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Marty’s connection to The Band runs deep.  He wrote and recorded on Jericho and performing on Jericho and Jubilation albums, as well as having worked on Rick Danko and Garth Hudson projects.  Like the other members of THE WEIGHT, Marty has toured with many great artists, including Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, and Gregg Allman, just to name a few.

Albert Rogers  (VOCALS / BASS)  

Albert plays bass and shares vocal duties as a member of THE WEIGHT.  A long-time collaborator with Jim Weider, Albert has played with Levon Helm and Garth Hudson of The Band, as well as Albert Lee, Jim Quick, and Grayson Hugh.

This is one of the shows you need to see. This is a group of very good musicians and the songs are performed really well. The group is tight and the sound great. I took a group of friends that did not really know The Band but as soon as the music started they recognized and loved the music. Overall it was a memorable evening. Being a Deep Tracks radio station listener I wanted to hear Acadian Driftwood but they did not play it but I was still very happy with the setlist.
CarlWG from Ticketmaster
Go see them. It's that simple. They played in Fort Lauderdale at a wonderful venue the Amaturo at Broward and I was lucky to be in the front row. Brought back many memories of seeing the Band and also Levon Helm in Woodstock back in the day of FM radio gigs and concerts to live by. The set list was excellent. The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down, Rag Mama Rag, Stage Fright, The Weight, Ophelia... actually a dream of Band favorites strung together with a "band" of excellent musicians. Be prepared to get a donut stuck in your teeth!
OldFMdj from Ticketmaster
What happens when you combine some of the best American music with some of the most talented players?? Catch a show on this tour and you'll find out. Felt like early 70s all over again. Tight and spirited performances - original and peripheral members of the Band. Jim Weider can hang with anyone on a stage with a guitar in his hand. As big a Telecaster monster he is - he is an equally warm and engaging person. Hung out with fans after the showi, sharing smiles and pictures. So very humble. And again, so very talented. If your a Band fan, a rock and roll fan or just love great music played by guys who put the word "pro" in professional musicians, this is the gig. Jeff S.
trustedreviewer from Ticketmaster