Saturday, March 17th 2012


Higher Ground, a tribute to Stevie Wonder, is the most dynamic and exciting Stevie Wonder tribute band in the tri-state area. Not to be confused with a Stevie impersonator, “Higher Ground” simply pays tribute, at the highest level, to the amazing music of Stevie Wonder. It is made up of some of NY’s finest musicians who share a love and respect for his music. An idea often thought about by band members Eddie Garcia, Kevin Keys and Mitch Lieb has finally come to life. Be sure to see this band “LIVE” in it’s element, so you can understand what everyone is talking about

Stealin’ Dan
In the abundance of tribute bands emerging on the Long Island music scene, Stealin’ Dan takes its place among the veterans. With a following which spans multiple generations, the band still knows how to rock, funk and play it cool, leaving its audience spellbound with masterful recreations of Steely Dan classics and album cuts. This 12-piece tour de force will not only amaze you in the virtuosity of its individual members but with funky four part horn charts, slick jazzy harmonies and the tightest rhythm section around you’ll walk away counting yourself among the ever growing fanbase of this stellar band.