Vertical Horizon and Tonic with Special Guest Dishwalla

Friday, March 7th 2014


Vertical Horizon stands for a commitment to superior music.  It’s a concept that has always meant a steadfast striving for the artistically-creative high road. Consistently at the wheel, founder, writer, lead singer and guitarist, Matt Scannell drives and unites the group, always exploring new territories of inspiration.  Perhaps the most significant key to Vertical Horizon’s success today is the freedom they have from the constraints of a major recording label.  Scannell says, “Our music is coming from the purest place – there are no other considerations beyond ‘Do we like this? Does it mean something us?'”  Vertical Horizon works at a tempo that fuels the creative process.  It’s no wonder why so many performers cite them as influences.


Six Top 10 singles.  Over 4 million records sold.  Grammy nominations, platinum albums, numerous awards and hit songs around the world, plus the #1 most-played rock song of 1998.  Tonic is a musical powerhouse, merging the raw honesty of rock to unabashed melody…and ushering rock n roll into a new millennium.