Yacht Rock Revue – 1970’s Finest Light Rock Tribute Band

Saturday, October 3rd 2015


Like a flood, middle school make out, or amateur adult film, it all began in the basement. The now-famed Yacht Rock Revue was once a band called Y-O-U, pursuing dreams of indie rock fame, when they were given free reign over Thursday nights at 10 High. In the Virginia- Highland’s subterranean music lair, they did everything from original tunes to theme sets like Led Zeppelin vs. The Who to comedy (which bombed). But it was the impulse idea to smoothly croon ‘70s light rock (Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Linda Ronstadt, etc.) whilst wearing polyester, aviators, and captain’s hats that captured the people’s hearts. In early 2008, Yacht Rock became a weekly occurrence; by 2009 the city’s cool kids were packing out 10 High on Thursdays nights and tossing back PBRs in their own captain’s hats, and by 2010, the eight guys (only one of whom has since left the band to join Blackberry Smoke) quit their day jobs and began stockpiling polyester suits. Did the indie rockers dream of being a cover band? About as much as a Rich Girl wants to get a job at Shoney’s. But they were tapping into an underserved genre of music, captivating folks both young and old, and their legions of cultish fans are glad they stayed swayed with it. When they finally moved the tunes up to sea level, it was for a holiday show at the Variety Playhouse in 2009. They’d never heard of a local band renting out the place for a concert, so decided to give it a whirl…and it sold out. Yacht Rock was legit.
Larger gigs poured in (corporate events, weddings, Park Tavern) and the band wondered if they could get the very artists they covered to join them on stage while they were out on tour. Spoiler alert: They could (everyone has a price). It started with Walter Egan at a show in Nashville, and they have since shared the stage with Eddie Money, John Oates, and Bobby Kimball from Toto, to name just a few. They’ve played at the Playboy Mansion (obviously), sang the national anthem at the Atlanta Braves game on Fourth of July (complete with Greg and Nick jumping off stage and rounding the bases), opened for Ludacris and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis during the Final Four, sailed on music cruises with Kid Rock, Train, Heart, Weezer, and Kiss (for the record, they do NOT drive the boat), and have packed out shows in NYC, Nashville, Los Angeles, and more.
The guys (who actually like each other in real life) have developed a flawless, signature style with spot-on renditions, refreshing comedy, and energetic stage presence any band would covet. They’ve received accolades like “Best Place to Get Drunk With Your Dad” to “Best Overall Music Act in Atlanta” to “Best Place to Start an Extramarital Affair,” and have been name-dropped by the New York Times, Pitchfork, the Guardian UK, Spin, TimeOut New York, Billboard, MTV.com, and (probably) your mom at her last Tupperware party. And it’s not always pure AM Gold glory, as they perform under many aliases: Please PleaseRock Me (Beatles), Reagan Rock (Smooth ’80s) Uno Dos Tres Catorce (U2), Dazed and Confused (’70s Stoner Rock), Rock Fight (Led Zeppelin vs. the Who, Tom Petty vs. Fleetwood Mac, etc.) and so forth. Yacht Rock Revue also performs many classic albums in their entirety, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Prince’s Purple Rain, the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, XTC’s Black Sea, and Led Zeppelin IV. But no matter what they’re playing, it’s always a license to let loose.  Smooth rock on, y’all.

As always they put on a fantastic show. Have seen them many times and brought two friends along to see them for the first time. They just couldn't get enough of them and couldn't believe how fun and good they are. Even for those who aren't as familiar with 70's music you will enjoy the show. They like to mix it up whenever they do a show and they won't disappoint. Come to have fun and you will. Favorite moment: The we are the world song with thre face masks.
I can't say enough about this uber talented group!! I don't think there is any type of popular music they can't do...from the 70's, 80's and beyond. They are tight, talented, fantastic group. You will be blown away by their skills and variety of music and instruments they play. GO SEE THEM!!!!
I have seen Yacht Rock perform Thriller before, but this was their first time with Purple Rain. I consider myself a Prince connoisseur, so when I say that their performance of Purple Rain impressed me, understand that this means they gave an AMAZING performance. Their rendition of "The Beautiful Ones" damn neat caused a Tom Jones reaction (I was about to throw my underwear on the stage, LOL! I can't wait for next Halloween, to do it all, again!
I just wanted to say that Yacht Rock Schooner was AMAZING!! We had SUCH a fun time at our wedding, and everyone was raving about the band!
YRR never disappoints. Their preparedness and creativity shone through at every turn. From the YRR Choir, to the choreographed moves by all members, it was a true delight. I do believe the high point for me was watching Storm Troopers sing and dance to "Thriller." Absolutely *nothing* like it! If I could do this every weekend (or every month or every year) I would! Thank you all for such an amazing evening. It will not be forgotten!
From an older couple who have seen YRR quite a few times, this was excellant as it showcased the musicianship over the fun tho cheezy 70's setlist. The lead guitarist really gets to shine as well as the drummer - but its was the lead singers' ' ability to cover three of the Beatles vocalists (sans ringo) with near perfection that keeps people like us coming back to see these guys! Great group, and we personally prefer the rock side of YRR.
We buy a lot of tix and see lots of bands. And, anytime you go to a show, you want the band to be fun, you want to know all the lyrics, and you want to be excited about each song as it begins. We had all of that and more. It was like being in my parents car all over again. We were having so much fun, that I bought tix for their next show DURING this show!
Get your smooth on with these incredibly cool and talented musicians. Dressing like the captain from "Captain and Tennille" is recommended. You'll feel an instant kinship with your fellow mariner's as you all sail into the night.
I have seen these guys play a variety of genre and they are talented at cooking up creative ways to give their audiencene what they want. Not "just a cover band", but engaging their audience. Fantastic brass and guitar work. Great job! You guys have a way of making me reminisce without feeling old!
Carey Brox
I absolutely loved working with Yacht Rock Schooner. The band was so professional, & more than flexible & obliging with the schedule. The attendees seemed to enjoy the the music until the bitter end.
Only a handful of shows in your lifetime can leave you craving more for days, or maybe even weeks after the event has passed. This is one of those shows! I can't recall the last time I've had such a shamelessly good time. What the band gives out and the crowd give back can not be measured, nor easily forgotten. These gentlemen came to blow our minds, and they succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. They could be forgiven for stepping out of bounds of the genre with their renditions of Boz Skagg's "Lido Shuffle", or Kenny Loggins' "Footloose", but at the end of the day who cares when you're shaking your ass amongst a sea of fellow Yacht Rockers???
I am always happy at a Yacht Rock show. I brought two skeptical friends on Friday....during the first song they were up singing and having the great time that only these guys provide. As always, I loved the show and I turned on 2 new fans! See you at Thanksgiving.