Security - The Paramount - Huntington NY

Security Rules


Even “Rock and Roll” comes with some rules, so please read and respect ours…


  • All Large pocket books or bags must be checked into the coatroom.
  • Moshing and crowd surfing are prohibited by the venue.
  • Coat check is not mandatory for ticketed guests, but backpacks and large bags must be coat checked at all events. Our Coat check is located in the lower lobby just beyond the security checkpoint.
  • No outside food or drinks.
  • No weapons of any kind – Management reserves the right to define.
  • No buzz kills, this includes but is not limited to whining, moaning and being grumpy.
  • No laser pointers, lights, or whistles.
  • No audio or visual recording devices allowed (phones used to illegally record an event will be confiscated).
  • No illegal drugs or paraphernalia.
  • Must be 21 to drink with license, passport or equivalent.
  • YOU MUST hold onto your ticket since that is the only proof allowed to determine access and placement.
  • Management reserves the right to bar or remove any person from this establishment at their discretion.
  • Please be considerate of our neighbors and all public and private property. Any violation of the law will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Enjoy the show and remember, be cool, be courteous and be careful. Now let’s all have a good time!